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Demystify the Indian Drone Regulations


The Government's new Drone Rules 2021 ushers in a new era for the Indian drone Industry. In this continuously evolving regulatory landscape, you might find it difficult to keep track and stay compliant.

To help you get your drone operations running smoothly, we had a webinar to help you understand the new Drone Rules. As the first drone company to be provisionally certified by DGCA and the market leader on NPNT modules, we have a deep understanding of the Indian drone regulations and want to share the knowledge.

Watch this Webinar to understand all about the new drone rules and what you need to know to fly legally in India


  • Where can I fly my drone in India? - green/red/yellow zones
  • How can I register my Drone? - What is DAN and UIN?
  • Understand what certification is required for your drones and which drones are currently certified
  • How to get a Pilot License in India?
  • What is the new amendment in mining rules- MCDR amendment mandating drone surveys
  • What are the new NHAI rules mandating drone surveys


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About the Speakers


Nihal Mohan

Product Lead - UTM services, Skylark Drones